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    #1 REDUCED ENERGY: LED lights emit less heat, yet shine just as bright with less cost.

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    #2 SAVES MONEY: LED lights have a longer living life expectancy. Fewer replacements means less maintenance fees.

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    #3 SAFE TO USE: LED lights do not have harmful materials within the diode and there is zero UV light exposure.

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    #4 ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: LED lights are high energy efficient with no leftover waste.

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    #5: CAN’T ARGUE WITH THE FACTS: When comparing the characteristics between LED and Fluorescent lights, well, there is no comparison. Just look at our chart.

We are full of BRIGHT ideas

Interested in making our world a little "greener"? We are too. At Ultimate LED Solutions, we sell LEDs at a wholesale level to industrial, commercial, institutional and other professional business users and provide on-site reviews and consultations. LEDs are the safest, eco-friendliest and least expensive modern lighting source out right now and it’s popularity is only just beginning.

Julian Jordan with Ultimate Led Solutions called my office, asking to schedule a meeting to come to our school district to show some LED products he thought we may be interested in. I thought, why not, let’s see what he has. He came by and gave a short explanation of a few of the products as well as gave a display that clearly showed how much energy is being wasted using our current lighting …
Julius Parham
Craven County School System